Reno, NV


Age: 27

Competition Weight:



Wrestling, Boxing, Kickboxing

Fight Record 


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Hey, I’m Pablo!


I chose to start fighting because I’ve always loved engaging in it as a sport, it doesn’t hurt that I got good at it either.


Ultimately I want use to this to build a platform for myself in order to start other projects I one day hope to pursuit. I’m a big music lover of all genres (except post 9/11 country) and I love arts of various forms. I hope to all teach younger generations to be theme selves, live their lives unapologetically and know that no dream is too big.


I hope that older generations see me and understand that it’s never too late to change bad habits and turnaround in whatever aspect of life they feel need change.



All in all I just want love and peace ✌🏽 ​